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About P. Renee

Reneeʻs lifetime of healing and movement exploration is rooted in 11 years of meditation practice.  She is a Reiki Master and a Somatic Movement Educator.  Renee also has a B.A. in Dance from Naropa University.  She has trained with many master teachers of healing, meditation and spirituality.  Along with her practical knowledge, she also relies on her deep intuitive sense.  Renee assists you to embody your wholeness and realize your full potential.  Her goal is to offer you practical skills and techniques that are easily applied in everyday life to create greater well-being.  Renee’s work has taken her to Colorado, Ohio, Utah, Washington state and Costa Rica.                  


      “My specialty is self-care;  my goal is to offer simple skills that students and clients

                      can utilize in everyday life to create peace, joy and balance.”  


Smiles and Blessings!