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Classes & Workshops (Private and Group)

Healing Movement- A holistic approach to dance that nurtures your whole being.  Self-care, gratitude and enjoyment are the foundations of Healing Movement. This workshop encourages personal expression and utilizes energetic and soulful music from around the world.            

Experiential Anatomy Instruction- The direct experience of anatomy at the cellular, tissue and system levels.  Learning your anatomy from the inside out expands awareness of the body-mind and gives you practical tools for everyday well-being.

Exploring Energy- Become more attuned to the energy that circulates inside of you and all around you.  Learn to notice the subtleties of yourself and of life.    

Improvisation & Creative Process Instruction- Exercises for cultivating creativity, presence, voice and movement. 

Meditation Instruction- Renee facilitates Guided Meditations that utilize progressive relaxation, mantras,  mudras, visualization and spirit  journeying for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.


"Where there is great love,
there are always great miracles."
 -Mother Teresa