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"Renee creates a safe, sacred, intuitive and joyful space in which the individual can safely explore the depths of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual layers of being.  Renee guides this process with the whisper of a breath, so that you don't feel the guidance really, but experience the results.  She brings a joyful, loving and supportive presence and many healing tools to both individual and group work." ~ Jean F.


"Whether in dancing, through improvisational movement, while meditating, or just by noticing Renee shares the depth of her knowledge as a playful investigation.  She shares her expertise about anatomy as an inquiry into the mystery about what it is to be human, living in a human body.  With Renee I feel myself growing in awareness of my body and my movements and developing into my best self.  We breathe, we share, we discuss, we discover, we play.  We celebrate the miracle of being alive.  What joy!" ~ Patricia K.


"I met with Renee a couple times during chemotherapy, a time in which my body and mind was in such disarray. She was able to provide me with peace and fortitude.  My experience with Renee provided me with strength and relaxation and got me on my way to healing.  Renee’s inner sense of others is astounding." ~ Theresa M.


 "During a session I feel an energized calm and contentment." ~ Dorothy C.